Make optimal proposals based on global trends

As for insurance, we are good at risk covering business, as it is important for customers to have the underwriting capacity (corresponding to the insurance amount) by the insurance company, as seen in the risk of earthquakes and information leakage. ..

If we have the opportunity to review it from a risk perspective, we will provide insurance information that will satisfy our customers.

Takashi Ito

We will support your company's risk management by providing accurate proposals and advice.

We will continue to be the "Best Solution Provider" that can meet the expectations of our customers at a high level by constantly incorporating the latest trends in the insurance market.

Corporate information

Company Name
Sakura Risk Solution Co., Ltd.
Takashi Ito
INFINITY IKEBUKURO Room 9 on the 7th floor, 2-36-1 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0014
10 million yen
・ Reinsurance arrangements (insurance company / mutual aid / small amount short-term insurance company)
・ Captive establishment /Operation support / Management consulting business
number of employees
Affiliated company
UNUS Co., Ltd.
KRC Co., Ltd.
Knowledge Co., Ltd.
・ Insurance broker No. 82, Director of Kanto Finance Bureau
・ Regular member of Japan Brokers Association